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Mr. Jitendra - 9911003504

"Delhi to Bangalore"

This is the fourth time we've used DLF Cargo Movers and we have never been unhappy with our choice. Our moves were without incident, completed in very timely fashion and no damage.
We have been very pleased with our experiences and recommend your company & the employees to all who ask us our movers of choice.
Keep up your professionalism and customer service, so all may be rest assured of a non-stressing move.

Mr. Dinkar - 8800969065

"Pune to Gurgaon"

Great team of movers. Very polite and nice crew of gentlemen! Keep up the great work and service.

Mr. Vivek Nigam - 880091499

"Delhi to Banglore"

All the team was extremely careful and professional. In addition, they were all very nice. I undoubtedly recommend them for any move.

Mr. Ujjwal Srivastav - 9873711166

"Delhi to Lucknow"

Awesome job. Very friendly and helpful and professional.

Mr. Debashish - 8130197064

"Delhi to Mumbai"


Mr. sanjay Ranpise (Metro Shoes) - 9819711979

"Mumbai to Delhi"

Treated my furniture great, very polite and courteous. Quick & efficient. My complaint would be the paperwork is very time consuming and is considered part of the "move time." I had to pay to fill out paperwork. That's not ethical.

Mr. Rohit Soni - 9982022345

"Delhi to Jaipur"

Excellent service, professional, courteous, and very efficient. I would recommend them to anyone and will be using them for future moves. When you think of movers, most people picture thugs or parolees that can't get a job doing anything else, these guys were just the opposite. 5 stars!

Mr. Vivek Singh - 9015409139

"Delhi to Lucknow"

Great move, willing to get things done. Quickly and well! Definitely recommended.

Mr. Saurbh Kumar - 7061388003

"Delhi to Patna"

I was very happy with these guys - highly recommended. They turned up and were friendly and working hard from the first moment. They were really efficient and had the place empty in next to no time. We were worried about picking a mover after a bad experience last time, but we will definitely return to these guys next time we need to move.

Mr. Durga - 7352985599

"Delhi to Patna"

"Amazing ... Awesome ... Exceptional movers! Thoroughly professional and energetic team, superbly led by DLF Cargo Movers All done on time/budget, no mishaps. Could not be more pleased. Highly recommended! "

Mr. Manoj Kumar - 8007700250

"Delhi to Darabnga (B.R.)"

Thanks very much for your wonderful service! DLF Cargo Movers has the moving process down to a science with was very obvious when they commenced moving our office from Barrie to downtown Toronto. Our biggest concern was the hardware infrastructure and you addressed this wonderfully. I can also tell you that we found no damaged items at all. Thanks!

Mr. Vishal - 88022465353

"Delhi to Lucknow"

DLF Cargo Movers exceeded all of our expectations. They were friendly, quick, and most importantly, the rates were reasonable with no damage to our goods.

Mr. Rahul - 7428148266

Delhi to Kanpur

From the first phone call to them, I knew they were the people to do the job for me. This DLF Cargo Movers was on time, efficient, and friendly. They completed my job in three hours without any damage and smiling the entire time. Three men made the difference, and not being charged large travel time was great. I made sure they were tipped well! I would recommend them to everyone.